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Final for 2013

Hope this finds everyone well and staying warm on these cold winter days.

As I write this on this last day of 2013 I can't help but be very proud of all my clients,

their dogs, breeding programs and the tremendous success we had in this past year.

2013 was a record year for me professionally with 15 American, 15 Canadian,

7 International, 1 FCI, PR, Lat Am, PanAm and 6 Grand....Champions!!!!

All of this could not have been possible without the dedication of the owners

and breeders if these beautiful dogs! Thank you for entrusting me with your "kids"!

A huge thank you has to go to my First Leash(Marc) and Carol.

It is with your help and patience that the shows run so smooth.

I value your friendship and enjoy your company!

And finally a thank you to my wonderful husband who understands my love for my job.

Tolerates my long trips away from home. Takes care of the boarding kennel and puppies.

And loves me regardless. I love you.

One last reminder for 2013 will be for the second half of the Florida circuit.

These entries close tomorrow, Jan 1, at noon.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Skip and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years.

May 2014 be a prosperous one for all.

June 2011

I hope this email finds everyone well. I hope that everyone has survived the rough patches of weather that we've all had lately and are now keeping cool in the heatwave!!

I returned home yesterday from my month on the road. First stop was the American Boxer Nationals in KY where Jasmine received 2 legs towards her RN and 1 towards her BN (hope I got this right!!). She competed in the futurity and regular classes and made both her parents and breeder very happy that she actually behaved!!! JJ showed like a dream in the Open fawn dog class after being out of the ring for over 6 months. Lily was the last to be shown and did excellent going 2nd in the VERY competitive Open fawn "girl" class of 19. The nationals are always full of beautiful dogs and I was very happy to have my Dajen kennel name attached to all 3 of these lovely dogs!!

From the Boxer Nationals I trekked cross country to Lancaster PA and met up with Skip for the American Rottweiler Club National Sieger. We had 4 of our girls entered there with Gina being the star going Youth Siegrin at her very first nationals!! Gina had just flown in a week earlier from Dominican Republic with her owner Rosio. She never missed a beat and made us all very proud. We were also very fortunate to be able to show Hugo, Lew and Jeff's handsome import male. What a fabulous dog he is and it's no surprise that he's doing so well in the AKC ring even WITH a tail!! Both Nationals were very enjoyable and it was great to catch up with friends new and old.

From PA I headed up to Canada where I was able to celebrate my son's 18th Birthday. Yes I have a son who's 18...and a daughter who's 16!! Damn I'm getting old....

Rebecca headed with me to my first weekend of shows up there in Kitchener, Ontario. This was where Jewel went Best In Specialty at the St Bernard of Ontario regional, from the classes. Gator went Winners Female at the Bullmastiff Specialty to finish her Canadian Championship. Bonnie, Emmy and Yoga all picked up points and Jewel won everyday finishing her championship in just 5 shows!!! From Kitchnere we headed East to the shows just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. This is where Bonnie finished her Canadian Championship, Lily, Emmy and Kiara picked up points and Jewel two Group 4's. It rained and was freezing at night and sweating during the day. After this weekend, the plan was to head west to the Erie Shores shows and relax for a few days prior to the last 4 days of shows. Unfortunately my truck had better plans for me and had to have all the Injectors, glow plugs and EGR valve replaced for a tune of $4K. Thanks to my friends Rich and Carole I was able to camp at Locksley farm...and designated campground for my whole stay before and after!

Now with a "brand new" truck I headed to my last set of shows. Wed I spent doing the camping/paring for the club and getting a great tan. All went smoothly and I think everyone was happy with their spot. I met some new friends and caught up with old ones too. The shows started Thurs with Lily picking up a few more points and Jewel going BOB each day. Friday I had the opportunity to judge the all breed match. The entries were low but the quality was excellent. I ended up putting a beautiful "barely" 3 month old Minature Schnauzer Best in Match. Sunday I finished up at noon and was all packed up and on the road by 3pm. The border crossing went smoothly and a day later I rolled into the drive just before 9pm.

I'm now home for a few days before heading to Asheville, NC for the weekend. I hear that it's a beautiful place and look forward to seeing the sights a little while I'm there. Next week I'm on vacation, somewhat, and have the following weekend off! Don't worry, I'll still answer the phone and be around looking after the dogs and preparing for my next month on the road.

Now for the upcoming circuit. The first set of shows, Valparaiso, IN, close on Wed (tomorrow) at noon. This is the first of 4 weekends that I will be on the road. This 4 week circuit has had majors in rotties, St Bernards, Swissies and I'm sure others, in the past. Don't miss out on the opportunities to pick up those points and much sought after majors. I've attached the schedule so that you will see the names and dates. Please let me know if your interested or have any questions.

My next Canada trip will be in August. I will have the schedule for that finished by the end of the week and sent out. Lots of Specialties, Nationals and All-Breed shows with decent judges too!

Well I think I've rambled on enough. Congrats to all the new champions and winners. Kudos to the owners and breeders of these lovely dogs. Keep up the great work.


ecember 2010

It’s hard to believe that this is the last day of 2010. The weather outside is in the 60’s here in Newnan, GA. A nice change from the 18F weather we had last week. The dogs are enjoying playing all day outside and sleeping in the warm sun.

2010 was a successful one with 8 AKC CH, Bowie, rottie; Gater, bullmastiff; Koda, rottie; Ruger, rottie; Manet, rottie; Diva, St Bernard; Ginger, St Bernard; Mantra, rottie.

9 CKC CHMantra; Lothar, rottie; Luke, boxer; J.J., boxer; Gilly, boxer; Oak, boxer; Earl, rottie; Leila, rottie; Miko, Briard.

10 IABCA CH Kewe, boxer; Gringo, rottie; OhhNo, rottie; Koda; Sandy, GSD; Abba, bullmastiff; Luke; Vannah, Rough Collie; Gilly; Oak.

2 Grand Champions Saint, Black Russian Terrier; Diva, St Bernard.

Saint started his specials career the last weekend in June. He ended 2010 with 2 Group 1’s and 3 Group 3’s in AKC and a Best in Show in IABCA. He completed his Grand Championship quickly and is currently, from my calculations #10 Breed, #8 All-breed and #6 in Grand Champion points!!! I am very proud of Saint in achieving such impressive results in just 5 ½ months of showing. Saint has always given me 110% in and out of the ring. Credit has to go to his mom and dad, Pat and Earl, for raising this young dog to be the confident, happy boy that he is today. Saint quickly got known to be the Black Russian Terrier with the best temperament that you could find.

Diva started her specials career in the summer. Diva flew to her Grand Championship in just 2 months with both her mom, Chris and I showing her. Diva was shown selectively over the fall and finished 2010 #10 in Grand Champion points. Diva enjoyed being in the ring and showed like the true special she is.

2011 has me starting out with some great specials that I’m proud and excited to be leading to their Grand Championships and their quest for #1. Watch for my upcoming newsletters to see how they are doing. It also has me guiding some terrific class dogs to their championships. I have to give a lot of credit to my owners and breeders as their dedication to their dogs shows in our success in the ring!

2011 is starting out with no changes in my rates which I’m sure makes everyone happy. However please be aware that there might have to be an increase in my mileage rate with the prediction of fuel hitting $5 a gallon. I will notify everyone at least a month ahead of time of any increases. I am looking ahead at my schedule with these increases in costs in mind and will try my best to schedule shows in as economical as possible fashion.

The 2011 show season possibly will include 1 if not 2 trips to Canada, FCI shows in Puerto Rico and the World Show in Paris. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any shows that they wish to do in AKC, CKC or elsewhere. Please remember that the Canada shows book up fast so you should let me know ASAP if your interested.

I want to take this time to thank all my clients for doing a fantastic job with keeping their dogs in optimum condition. It is with this dedication to your dogs success that makes my work easy. I enjoy working with each and everyone of you in achieving your goals. Keep up the good work.

Skip and I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year. May 2011 give you everything that you wish for.

Summer Newsletter 2010

Sitting here on a quiet Saturday morning I decided what better time then to write a newsletter. The kids, teenagers, are still sleeping. The dogs are playing and sleeping in the xpens and I have had 2 cups of coffee.

It's August 14 and I'm in Kingston Ontario. The weather is a breezy 70's and dry. We are currently on a weeks layover between shows and all of us, dogs included, are enjoying the down time.

The summer has been going well so far with the long trip to Mass. with 13 dogs and 2 teenagers going well. Eddy, the rottie, was on his first trip out and went wd the very first day. Manet, rottie, picked up points. Luke, boxer, picked up his first major and Saint, my BRT special, took the breed everyday.

We returned home after 2 weeks on the road and took a much needed 2 week vacation filled with shopping trips, pedicures, dinners out and a trip to Indianapolis to the Nascar races.

Back to reality we headed off to Greenville, Sc where Koda, rottie, took 2 of the 3 days winning 5 more points which included his first major!! DD and Jewel, St Bernards, won 2 days each and Ginger, St Bernard, won the other bitch points. Saint, won his 12 and 13 consecutive BOB and showed like the star he is in the Group. Both Wisp and Abby, boxers, went Reserve. I'm very proud of these 2 young girls. Becca, my daughter won her class twice in Juniors and BOS one day in the AllBreed show with, Jag, boxer.

Back in the truck we headed back up here to Canada where had our first stop in Milton, Ontario. The Kilbride KC held 3 AllBreed shows, Briard Club of Canada Nationals, 2 Boxer Specialties and the Working Herding Specialty. It was a very successful show with Miko, Briard, winning WB/BW/BOSS at the Nationals and BOB twice for a total of 9 points for her first weekend in Canada. Gilly finished her CH by taking her last 2 points in the allbreed. Manet, Leila and Earl, rotties, all picked up points. Along with Jake, rottie, taking BOB 3 times and a Group 3. Bonnie, boxer, has taken RWB and is right on the edge of getting her first points up here.

Now back to me sitting here and enjoying the weather. 2 more days off and we head 8 hours north to New Liskeard Ontario. It's a little piece of heaven in Northern Ontario. The air is clear and the people are great. 2 shows a day for 3 days. I'm hoping for some exciting wins up there and maybe a New CH or 2. Then back south 8 hours to Brockville Ontario to finish up this second Canada trip. Wish us luck!!!!

This summer has been a busy but successful one with the help of my daughter, Rebecca, on the lead and grooming dogs. My son, Jordan, holding dogs and setting the rig and grooming areas up. My friends and clients who provide me with their wonderful dogs to show and a helping hand at the shows. And finally to my wonderful husband who understands my love for my job. Tolerates my long trips away from home. Takes care of the boarding kennel and puppies. And loves me regardless. I love you and miss you!

My schedule continuing up til the end of the year is on the website There are some great shows coming up with plenty of majors in most of the breeds that I show. Please watch the closing dates and let me know who and when you would like to show.


Spring Newsletter June 2010

As I sit here on my trailer step, watching my dogs play, I decided that this would be a great time to write my monthly newsletter. Seeing as it's been months since the last one, I have decided to call this on the Spring Newsletter!!

As I mentioned above I'm sitting on my trailer step watching my dogs. I'm up here in Caledonia, Ontario (west of Toronto) recovering from a very busy and WET weekend. This was the second of 4 weekends on my May/June Canada trip. So far the trip has been going well results wise. Mantra, rottie, is the first to finish her CKC Championship undefeated in shows. Luke, boxer, lacks 1 point for his and Lothar, rottie, just needs 2. Several others are well on their way to completing their CH too.

The weather the first weekend was hot and sunny. My nose is still peeling!!

This weekend had rubber boots and rain coat as the attire and I even had to put the furnace on last night to keep warm and dry out.

Tomorrow I pack up and head to Oshawa for the next shows where hopefully the weather will be Normal and the dogs will do well.

Since my last newsletter we have had a few new Champions to congratulate...

Bowie, rott; Gator, bullmastiff and Diva, St Bernard all finished their AKC Championships. Kewe and Luke, boxers; Gringo, OhhNo, Koda, rotties; Saint, BRT; Sandy, GSD; Abba, bullmastiff and Vanna, collie all completed their International Championships. Congrats!!

Summer is nearing and everyone will be busy with family and friends. Those of you that take off the summer from showing, enjoy and think of me while you are lifting that glass of wine to your lips!! For the rest of us that just can't get enough of showing, don't forget to watch your deadlines. The first to come up is Orlando. There are majors being built in Rottweilers, Boxers and Bullmastiffs just to name a few. I have a few openings in these different breeds please let me know , if you haven't already, if you interested.

Next are my Mass. shows. Yes they are a long way from home but who can pass up Major Entry filled shows. 9 shows over 11 days!! Boxers, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Bullmastiffs, Newfs, Saint Bernards to just name a few. I still have a few extra crates free so please contact me to get in on this great opportunity.

Another event since my last newsletter is the opening of our Pet Resort. Dogwood Pet Resort, LLC opened up in May. We are currently offering overnight pet sitting in our home, doggy daycare and all-breed grooming. If your planning a vacation please consider us as your pets home away from home. We can be found on the web at . We soon hope to offer both group and private obedience lessons, conformation classes, CGC and TT Tests.

I would like to take this moment to wish all my clients well. I appreciate your trust in me and congratulate you on the quality of the dogs that you offer to me to show. Keep up the great work!! To my family and friends, I thank you for being there for me whether it's on my visits to Canada or help at ringside. Without you this job would be near impossible to do alone.

Finally , I need to thank my husband Skip. You take care of things at home, answering the phone when I need to talk and generally put up with me never being at home. I appreciate all you do for us, love you and miss you!!


PS Please make all future payments payable to, Dogwood Pet Resort, LLC

January 2010..

.It's hard to believe that a new year is here already and that the first month was here and gone. As with every year, January was a busy month with the January circuit in Florida. This year I decided to forego the Deland shows and just go to Brooksville for 10 days of showing. As usually the full spectrum of wardrobe was needed with the shows starting with frozen pails in the morning and ending the last weekend with short sleeve jackets and a sunburn.

This circuit was a busy and successful one with MBF scheduling all the breeds at 8 am most mornings. Fortunately I have a wonderful network of friends and clients and all dogs got shown to perfection each day. The rottweiler ring was a thrill with Amy winning 8 points and her first major. Gina, my bredby puppy, also won her class 2 of the 3 days shown. Not bad for a 7 month old. Diva, st bernard, went WB/BOB 9 of the 10 shows and is now singled out and looking for majors. Both her and her house mate Casey provided the mornings entertainment as they both loved the cool air and "playing" in the ring together!!! Miaka, mastiff, had a good start to the year going BOB once and BOS 9 times. She was very happy to get back in the ring and showed like she hadn't missed a beat. The doberman ring proved to be competitive as usual but both Bramman and Immie showed their hearts out and were in the ribbons most days. Clover and Mack, Amstaffs, came in for the second half of the circuit. Clover picked up her first points there and Mack went WD 2 days including a major.

The last weekend of the month was a trip to the Charleston Kennel Club shows in Ladson, SC. I decided to travel light and just take 3 dogs to show and stayed in the hotel. Bramman, dobe, cleaned up there going BOS, Sat. and BOB, Sun over the special for another 2 points. He's now sitting on 10 with a major. This was the first show for Abby, boxer, in the 6-9 month class. She made us proud on Sat by going RWB but really outdid herself on Sun by going WB for her first point!!! This was also Gringo's, rottie, first weekend in the 6-9 class. He won his class both days and went RWD on Sun.

I have a great line-up of shows planned for the next few months and have attached the schedule. There are also 2 trips planned for Canada with the first being at the end of May. I am taking reservations for these shows so please let me know if you are interested.

I want to take this time to thank all my clients for doing a fantastic job with keeping their dogs in optimum condition. It is with this dedication to your dogs success that makes my work easy. I enjoy working with each and everyone of you in achieving your goals. Keep up the good work.

December-end of year News

I just looked back and realized that I haven’t written a newletter since my August one. I’m sorry about the lack of updates but life has been very busy. I just didn’t realize how much so until now.

September was a full month with weekends in Biloxi, Atlanta and Deland. Artie (Rottweiler) finished his AKC CH in a flash at the Deland shows. 3 weekends, 4 majors and 15 points!! Ginger (Saint) picked up a BOB and a point in Atlanta. OhhNo won her first AKC point in Biloxi.

October was another busy month with a trip that had us going to Boston for a Rottweiler sieger show, Canada for an all-breed and Orlando for the International shows. We returned back home for a few days and then I was off to Marietta and Knoxville to end it off. The sieger show was a success with Gringo (Rottweiler) going Best Puppy in Show at 4 months and 1 day. Canada was a great trip with a visit to my parents 50th wedding anniversary, time with my kids and a New Canadian champion Dreamer (Rottweiler). The International shows in Orlando had 5 New Champions coming home, Saint (black Russian Terrier), Artie (Rottweiler), JJ (boxer), Honey (boxer) and Ginger (Saint Bernard). Marietta and Knoxville were good to us with Folker taking his first AKC point his first weekend out. OhhNo and Ginger both picked up points and Ginger went BOB both days in Knoxville.

November had us starting out in Priceville where JJ (boxer) picked up his first points, OhhNo and Ginger both getting more points. Ginger now has 10 points and is looking for her majors. Then Betty and I jetted off to San Juan, PR for the FCI International shows. A great time was had by all thanks to our terrific host Ceci. We only took 2 dogs, Boss (Boxer) and Dealer (Rottweiler). Boss came home with his PR Championship and a CACIB towards his FCI International CH. Dealer came home with her PR, Latin American, Pan American and FCI International Championships going BOB all 4 days!! I was back home for a day and then off to the Montgomery, AL shows where Luke (boxer) started out his AKC show career going WD the first day for his first point. OhhNo, Folker and Luke again picked up several points over the 3 day weekend. The month ended at the Savannah 4 day Thanksgiving weekend shows. Dealer, Tulip and Lily, all boxer puppies, had their debuts at this show. All won their classes one or many times over the weekend with Tulip also getting a Puppy Group 2. Luke, Folker and OhhNo picked up points again. OhhNo now has 10 points and is looking for her majors. The hit of the weekend was the Briard ring I have to say. What is cuter than a briard puppy at just 6 months old…well 4 briard puppies. All littermates and all just SEMI-trained. Needless to say we had quite a crowd around the briard ring at show time with most trying to stifle their laughs at us silly human beings attempting to stop the “kids” from playing in the ring and being good “show dogs”. Dispite their antics we were able to put 4, 3 point majors on Deaver, 2 on his one sister, 1 on his other sister Miko and the last major on his mother Bre to finish her Championship!!!

December held only 1 show for me to attend and that was the Winston-Salem shows in NC. The weather was terrible with the waterlines freezing and the heat running constantly in the trailer. This was Bramman’s (Doberman) debut in the US and he started out in style winning the 4 point major on the first day!! This was also Jemma’s (boxer) first weekend. She started her show career winning her class both days and a Puppy Group 2 the first day!! I did not have the honor of putting the last 3 points on Deaver but at the Miami shows this same weekend he finished his AKC CH. All under the age of 7 months. He is now looking forward to working towards his herding titles where it doesn’t matter whether his coat is straight and clean!

The show year has now come to an end and what a year it has been. 141 shows over 41 weekends. We have 10 AKC, 14 CKC, 17 IABCA Int, 2 PR, 1 LatAm, 1PanAm and 1 FCI Int Champion!!! Congratualtions to all. It has been a very successful year filled with awesome dogs and terrific clients. THANK YOU!!!

Plans have already started for the 2010 show year. I’ve attached a copy of my schedule so far. I am offering a reduced rate for the January circuit if you enter all 10 shows. Let me know if you would like more info on those shows. I’ve also attached a copy of my 2010 Rate Sheet. For the very first time in almost 10 years, I’ve had to increase my handling rates. They are still very reasonable. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

At this time both Skip and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!!!

August News

Finally, the summer is over. I know most of you are going, is she crazy???? For most the summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying life. For me the summer is crazy with trips to Canada and thousands of miles driven. But when the summer circuits turn out to be as successful as this years, all the hard work and long days are worth it.

August started with me returning home from Canada trip #2 and having the first weekend off. With just a few days at home to pay bills, do laundry and clean the truck we were off and running again. Skip stayed home to work endlessly on the new runs and upkeep of the house. We now have 5 of the 8 50’ by 6’ runs completed with 3 more planned.

Rebecca, Jordan and I headed out on the 4th for Canada. Jordan had enough of the dog life and decided to stay at home once we got there!!! So it was just Becca and I heading off to Kilbride. This trip we took 8 dogs to show. The first to finish this trip was Immie (Doberman). She finished quickly in just 3 days of showing!!! Rebecca also took her into the Regional Specialty Juniors competition and won best Junior overall. There were 15 kids competing and this was the very first time that she had ever shown a Doberman. Needless to say mom was very proud!! Kilbride proved to be a very successful show with many dogs picking up points towards their Championships. From there we headed to Brockville which is on the other side of the province. This is where OhhNoo (rottweiler) completed her Championship. Jake, my Canadian rottie special, took the breed all 3 days and 2 Group placements. This weekend was incredibly hot with temperatures reaching over 100F with the humidex. The dogs were taxed but still showed well and many came out of it with more points. Next we headed to New Liskeard. This is 6 hours north of the border where the air is cool and the people are terrific. Both Artie and Saint finished their Championships up there. These shows are 2 per day over 3 days. You run like crazy but thankfully I already had a few dogs done and it wasn’t so hectic. From here we headed to our last leg of the trip, St Catherine’s. This was a 7 hour drive, overnight, with the shows starting the next day at noon!!! St Catherine’s was a very wet and soggy show. Rubber boots were the fashion and grooming was kept at a minimum!!!

All and all we came home with 4 new Canadian Champions,Immie (dobe), OhhNoo (rottie), Artie (rottie), Saint (black Russian terrier), Jake is now #5 rottweiler and Miaka is still sitting at #1 Mastiff. Rebecca had to head back home and to school and mom was left all alone.

The last weekend of August I stopped in Lexington KY on my way home. This was a 5 day show, outdoors with very hot and wet days. This was Artie’s first weekend in AKC and boy did he take off towards his AKC CH in style. Artie won 4 of the 5 days, earning 11 points with 3 majors!!! Wohoo Artie. Crystal (newf) picked up her first major going BW on Sun not bad for just getting back in the ring after maternity leave. Several others were in the ribbons and took reserve.

Back in the truck, heading home, I had time to reflect on the summer that I just finished. I’m very happy with the results and looked forward to a much slower fall ahead of me. I want to take this time to thank my husband, Skip, for keeping things together here at home and building the runs so that our client and personal dogs had a place to run and relax, and also relaying all the results to our clients. My daughter Rebecca and my son Jordan for all their help while on the road and my friends in Canada for their help at ringside when I needed them.

As I always say, my success in the ring is due to the dedication of my clients, both owners and breeders and their confidence in the dogs that they have me show. Please keep up the good work!!!

Attached to this email is my latest schedule. I’m pretty sure that this is where I will be going until the end of the year. Please pay close attention to the closing dates and let me know as soon as possible which shows you are interested in. The 1st show to close will be the International Show in Orlando. The info is not complete on the IABCA site ( but I’m guessing that the show will close on Sept 24th .

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you on achieving the goals that you have for your dogs and your breeding programs.

July News

Hope this finds everyone well. It has been a very busy summer. With moving to Newnan, GA on July 1 to heading to Canada July 7th thru 28 and returning home. The Canada trip was a huge success with 6 dogs going and 5 returning with Canadian Championships!!! Our new Can CH's are Folker (rottie), Norton (rottie), Queenie (rottie), Honey (boxer) and Rip (boxer). All these dogs were in excellent condition and a pleasure to show. I also had a great run with Jake, my Canadian Rottie Special with him obtaining 6 BOB's, 2 Group 1's and 1 Group 2, in just 6 shows. This now has him placed in the #7 spot!!!

Thanks to both my son and daughter, this was a successful and smooth trip. Rebecca, my daughter, put the finishing points on both Norton and Queenie. Not bad for a 14 year old!!! Jordan was the set-up and breakdown man which gave Rebecca and I more time to get the dogs settled in.

August is going to be another busy month with the 3rd trip to Canada happening between Aug 4-24. We have 8 dogs booked for this trip with 17 shows being held over a 17 day period. Many shows have 2 shows per day. The weather has been very good, minus a few rainy days, and the show venues good. I am very excited about this final trip with some excellent judging panels and great dogs to show. More news to come soon!

Again I want to thank all my clients for doing an excellent job of preparing their dogs for me to show. It is your dedication to your dogs and your breeding programs that make this all a success!!!

May/June News

To all my friends and family,

I hope this letter finds all well. Many changes have been going on in the Bittner household which has made for a very busy few months.

May started out with the International Shows in Orlando where we came home with 4 new International Champions, Casey (bouvier); Norton (rottweiler); Treasure (rough collie) and Bentley (boxer) plus 2 International Puppy Champions, Campion and Bingo (rough collies). Congratulations to all.

After a much needed weekend off we geared up again for a month long trip to Canada. This trip was a huge success with Maggie (rottweiler), Hummer (boxer), and Miaka (mastiff) all coming home as New Canadian Champions. Miaka was also very successful in the Breed and Group ring picking up 6 Breeds and 3 Group placements and a Best of Opposite in Specialty at the Canadian Nationals. She is now ranked as #1 Mastiff in Canada!!! Honey (boxer) now has 7 points and OhhNoo (rottweiler) has 3 with a Best Senior in the All-Breed Sweeps. Both of these girls are just puppies and showed very well considering their ages. Also while I was up there I had the pleasure of showing my favorite boy, Jake (rottweiler). Jake is the lovely boy that I went Best of Opposite at the Canadian Nationals with last year. Jake and I played in the ring one weekend, won all the BOB's and picked up a Group 2. He is currently ranked #6 rottweiler, also being shown by his Canadian stand in, and I look forward to showing him more in my upcoming trips. All and all I was very happy with how all my dogs performed and their successes in the ring. Everyone seemed to enjoy their trip away and were happy to be avoiding all the rain that we were having back here in Florida.

Back in the US I headed south with a short stop in Newnan, GA to sign the paperwork for our new home. Yes we are moving!!! We have a lovely 4 bedroom, 3 bath brick home in the middle of 11 wonderful acres just 5 minutes from the town of Newnan. I am so excited to be moving north a bit and giving the dogs the space to run. We are going to be relocating there on June 30th. Our new address will be 898 Boone Rd Newnan, GA 30263. The phone number will stay the same.

Back here in Florida I attended the Orlando shows where Casey (bouvier) picked up another WD and 1 point and both Dreamer and OhhNoo (rottweilers) went RWB at two separate shows.

Congratulations to all my clients. As I always say it is your dedication to your dogs and their success that makes my job easier. Keep up the great work!!!

Please find attached my updated schedule. As you will see I have made a few changes and added another trip back to Canada. I've had such demand for these shows and success that I thought it might be a good idea to head back up again!!! Please let me know if you are interested in sending your dogs on either of the trips. I have a few openings and am still excepting deposits to hold a spot. Also notice on the schedule that I've added an FCI show in Nov. At these shows you will have an opportunity to bring home both a Puerto Rican and Latin American Championship. What's better than more titles!!! Please let me know if this interests you as space is limited for these shows.

I also want to let everyone know that we are willing to drive and pick up client dogs in Florida. Just because we have relocated to Newnan does not mean that we will be out of touch. If any of the shows interest you please just let me know and we will make arrangements to get your dogs to us. We also would like to mention that effective immediately, all dogs in our care are completely insured. With the relocation to Newnan, I have been able to negotiate with our insurance company to get excellent coverage for all my dogs while in our care either at the kennel or on the road.

I am also considering the option of either PayPal or Google CheckOut to make paying your accounts easier. Please let me know if you think that you would be interested in this form of payment.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer.

April News

To all my clients, friends and family,

I hope this finds all well. April went by a little too easy. No blown tires on the truck or trailer and no major repair bills. Scary to think what May might have to hold for us. Instead of Spring...I think this season should be called "In-season". It seems like everyones girls were in heat including everyone at my house. The boys handled it well though and all the girls performed dispite their condition!!!

April has given us 2 New Champions. The first was our own Ginny (rottie) who had to constantly sit in the back while waiting for an opening in the Open bitch class. She completed her championship in style going breed and Group 2 for a 5 point major!! She finished the weekend in PR off with 3 more Breeds, 2 Group 2's and a Group 3. That's my girl. She is now pregnant with Norton babies, big as a house and due in 2 weeks. The second champion of the month was Lorelei (briard). Lorelei's championship was extra special as she was the first champion for her mom and dad. Congrats!!!

As I mentioned I took a trip to PR to show. It is very stressful showing in the tropics with having to walk your dogs on the beach and listening to the surf all night...LOL. I took Rip (boxer) to PR along with Ginny. Rip went WD 3 out of the 4 shows and came home with 3 majors. Rip was rippin' it up in PR!

The following weekend was Perry, GA. These shows are always hectic with 3-4 buildings going at the same time. I call it the Perry weight loss plan as all you seem to do is run from one building to another. Vixen (Amstaff) started out the weekend with a BOB over specials for a 3 point major and Rip went RWD to the 5 point major. All of the dogs were in the ribbons and performed to their best.

Zolfo was were Lorelei finished her Championship. She did this in style by going BOB for a 3 point major both days.Oh did I mention that she is a natural earred Import. Miaka (Mastiff) was back at the shows after a couple of weekends rest and picked up another BOB. She is now ranked #18 Mastiff as of Mar 31st. Rip went WD/BW for 1 point.

The month ended off with the Vero Beach shows. You sure had to hold onto your hat and I'm sure the little dogs as the wind was whistling though the rings. Grooming was a test in futility and done more for show than actual purpose.Rip picked up another point there and now just needs 2 points to complete his championship. Vixen took the breed again for a point and Petey went WD/BOS for 1 point. Winnie (boxer) made her parents very proud by going WB/BW/BOS for her very first point. Winnie's mom and dad are Lacey and Ben. They are the two people that keep my life sane and smooth at the shows these days. Thanks again you too for all that you do.

I want to congratulate all the winners and new champions. All my clients are doing a fantastic job with keeping their dogs in optimum condition. It is with this dedication to your dogs success that makes my work easy. I enjoy working with each and everyone of you in achieving your goals. Keep up the good work.

May finds me heading to Canada for my first set of shows. ATT seems to think that they should finance their retirement plans with my phone bill so I will not be answering up while I'm up there. Please feel free to call me still as I will be checking messages frequently and replying when I can reach a pay phone or my mom's phone. I will also check my emails frequently so do not think that I've fallen off the face of the earth just because I do not reply right away. The Orlando shows close while I'm away. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in these shows so that I can be prepared and not overbook.

I've done a little updating on my schedule. The shows pretty much finish up in Florida over the summer so I have to look elsewhere for shows to do. I have one week with a ???? please let me know if you have any suggestions. I also have a weekend that has 3 possible shows. Please let me know which interests you and I will decide based on a majority interest. I will also be heading to Canada again in August. This trip will be much shorter in days than this first one but with more shows. 16 shows over 18 days. Spots are starting to get reserved so please contact me if you are interested.

I have been updating my handling site with pictures as I get them. Please send me your recent pictures so that I may include your dogs on the pages. The latest schedule is also up so don't worry if you happen to misplace the one that I email you!!!

Take care, keep cool and keep up the great work!!!

March News

Well another month has passed us by, I'm halfway through April and just getting to my March newsletter. I guess alot can be said for being busy!!!

March was another terrific month with many successful trips to the shows. The month started out in West Palm with Miaka (mastiff) picking up 2 more BOB's!!! She is now ranked, as of Mar 31, #18 Mastiff with very limited specialling in 2009!!!

Petey, the sweetest Amstaf in the world, picked up a Best Puppy in Group and a RWD at the Terrier Specialty.

The following weekend we attended the IABCA shows in Atlanta. Facing freezing temps and constant rain, our dogs still performed. We came home with 9 New Int. CH's and 1 Jr Int CH with many group placements including Maggie's 2 Group 1's, Gonzo and Dancer also won Group 1's. Campion and Annie picked up multiple BOB and Group placements. Tina came home with a reserve Best Puppy in Show!!

Congratulations to the following New Int CH. Gonzo (rottie), Dancer (rottie), Maggie (rottie), Dreamer (rottie), Annie (rough collie), Willow (boxer), Rip (boxer), Jersey (boxer), Trina (boxer) and Puppy Champion Tina (boxer).

Bahamas was a blast. Skip and I enjoyed a relaxing fun-filled weekend on the sunny island of Nassau. The show is held at the botanical gardens 5 minutes from our hotel. The hosts are wonderful with the grill going and mohito's in the cooler!!! We had a terrific time coming home with 3 new Bahamian Champions, Norton (rottie), Willow (boxer) and Dealer (rottie). In addition to her championship Dealer decided that she should be greedy and took home both BEST IN SHOWS!!!!

The shows in St Pete completed the month with Miaka again taking BOB both days!!!

Congratulations to all my clients. Again it's because of your dedication to your dogs that we are so successful.

The Canada shows are closing soon, April 28th. I still have a few openings if you are interested in sending your dog. Please find attached a copy of my schedule up til the end of June. I will be updating it and adding the revision to my Handling Webpage, , please let me know what shows you are interested in and if you have any suggestions for the month of July.

February News

To All My friends and family,

Well February has passed us by very quickly. It was a very busy month with 15 days of shows!!! It has taken me until now to just get caught up on life here at home with being away so much. February started out quiet with us having the first weekend off. The new 4 day cluster in Lakeland was a success with my mastiff special, Miaka, winning 3 of the 4 shows and making the cut in the group one day. Dreamer (rottie) went WB for 2 points and Casey (bouvier) went WD all 4 days for 5 more points towards his championship. With just 3 days off in between I headed out on the Panhandle Cluster of shows. This cluster is affectionately dubbed "The Death March" as we have 11 days of shows in 6 different locations, starting in Valdosta and ending in Pensacola. As tiring as this circuit can be, this year it was a very successful one for my clients. We came home this year with 2 New Champions. Congratulations to Scout (rottie) and Boolie (rottie) on completing their championships. Rip (boxer), Jersey (boxer) , Petey (AmStaff) and Deja (rottie) all won points on this circuit. The circuit was cut short by 2 days with me spraining my ankle and having to return home on Fri after we showed. Thanks goes out to Kay, Alice, Brad, Charlie and Jocelyn for jumping in and showing my dogs for me on the last day. I'm on the mend now thanks to the brace that Skip had waiting for me when I got home.

Please find attached my schedule that goes until the end of June. I have AKC, International, FCI and Canada shows scheduled during this timeframe. The closing dates come up fast so please let me know which shows you are interested in and when you've made your entries. Also attached is the Canada info for the May/June shows. The reservations for this trip are starting to come in . Please let me know if you are interested in sending your dog and I will be sure to make space for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me either via phone or email.

I also would like to invite you to visit my new handling website, . It is still a work in progress and something that I'm doing myself. I welcome any pictures that you would like added to the site. Any input is welcomed also.

I look forward to working with each and everyone of you to achieve the goals that you have set for you dogs. It is with team work that we will achieve those goals. It is the continuous dedication that all my clients have to their breeding programs and their dogs that make all of this a success. Keep up the good work!!!

I would like to take another quick moment to thank Lacey and Ben for all their help. You make my days run smoothly and your a definite asset to the team. Thank you.