Jennifer Bittner Professional Handling 

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Handling Contract

Handling Contract pdf

Jennifer Bittner Professional Handling

TwoBitts Farm & Kennel, LLC

898 Boone Rd Newnan, GA 30263

[email protected]

407-595-5805 Cell 

770-251-2587 Kennel/House

Agent # 5555


Client Name _________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

Telephone # _________________ W ________________ E-Mail _______________________

Credit Card # _________________________________________________ Expiry ________

Dogs Name _______________________________Retainer Amount Received ____________





The Handler agrees to provide handling services for the above named client subject to the following conditions:

1) The handler will exercise due care and precautions but will not be held responsible for escape, self-inflicted damage, theft, injury inflicted by other animals, illness, loss or any other unavoidable occurrences.

2) All dogs will be shown personally, except under circumstances beyond the handler's control, at which time it is understood that another competent handler of the handler's choosing will replace the handler.

3) All charges with respect to handling fees, bonuses, traveling expenses, entries, shipping fees, veterinary work, medications or special diets are the client's responsibility.

4) Entries will be the responsibility of the client unless prior arrangements are made.

5) All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations including rabies. Copies of all vaccinations required.

6) Heartworm- Ivermectin will be administered the 1st of every month unless supplied by the client.

7) All Cash awards will be retained by the handler.

8) All fees must be paid in full before the dog is released to the client. 5% of total due will be added to bills not paid after 30 days of the statement date and be applied to the cumulative balance every 30 days thereafter.

9) A $25.00 Charge will be assessed for all NSF Checks and client will be put on a Cash Only basis.

10) All Checks are to be made out to TwoBitts.

11) Clients cancelling bookings, including missed entries, after the closing date of a show are responsible for the handling fees.

12) If the owner would like photos, they need to inform the handler in advance. 

13) Any litigation arising from this contract will be settled in the courts of Coweta County, GA only.


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 Date             Client's Signature                                        Handler's Signature